Has your banking or commercial relationship been impacted as a result of misleading and outdated information on KYC / screening databases and the internet?

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What is reputation management?

In a time where the internet dominates and controls our business and personal reputation, it has become increasingly apparent that we seek proactive measures to control and manage the contents of our business and personal lives appearing online. This is crucial so as to avoid facing difficulties in managing and conducting dayto- day banking and commercial relations, particularly with respect to the appearance of any misleading and incorrect data appearing or stored on various databases used globally for checking overall banking and commercial profiles (the “Screening Databases”) and the Internet. Individuals and companies should assess the link and impact of their appearance on the Screening Databases and the internet with the due diligence process being carried out by banks and commercial counterparties. You should consider taking possible proactive measures which may assist in ensuring that your appearance on various Screening Databases and on the internet is correct and updated.
Individual Reputation Management

Negativity in the form of negative media links and media defamation is on the rise, when the social media is unregulated. Anyone can write anything against you if any of your network has a vendetta against you. We can help you in monitoring and taking appropriate legal and technical steps to protect your reputation.

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Reputation management for Businesses

A positive online reputation can be a business’s greatest asset or its biggest weakness. Clients, colleagues and employers all use search engines like Google to help make decisions, and search results can be the difference between a business’s success and failure.

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Regulated Institutions

Research has shown how corporate reputation can enhance shareholder value, sales and customer loyalty. New research reveals that corporate reputation has a significant impact on government regulation.

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Startups seeking investment must worry about what investors find online. One bad report can make it difficult and a hassle going further in the process of setting up a company. Contact us before you make the right move.

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