Online Reputation Management


Online Reputation Management

If you think reputation management is only for the brands, you got it wrong. It is a matter of curiosity for everyone who is reading this now. Just a simple search with your name in Google or Bing brings u hundrred of results in your location. You wont have a clue on what the east and west is seeing when they search for you. The algorithm for every location is different. 

An unhappy ex-boss or an unhappy ex-employee may give you sleepless night if you don’t notice the floating article on the internet about you.

The same happens to a brand and or a salesman who was trying to serve you and you isn’t happy. The salesman is associated with the brand or service. It is a multi-level damage when it comes to brand reputation. Our reputation management real-time tools gets you prepared for the unseen.

Reputation and Social Media

Power has shifted from businesses to the consumers when it comes to advertising a company’s message. In the past companies used to carefully draft their message and promote it using traditional advertising methods. Social media means has transferred that power to consumers. Thus the ocean of risk is two-pronged and pivoted. Consumers research in Social media and in the search engines, before they make a purchase or an investment. Un-managed profiles can end up in a snare in your career, or sometimes a potential investor turning down offer.